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One day, all our children will have, are pictures of us!

Saw this quote the other day and man do I LOVE it!!

"One day, all our children will have, are pictures of us. Make sure you are in them. No matter what your hair looks like, your makeup or your body. They won't care about any of that, they will just want to see you." -unkown

I must confess that I am not the best at this, BUT, I'm trying and working toward it! When I hear mamas or dads not wanting to be in pictures until they've lost 10 lbs, or have too many wrinkles, or "aren't photogenic", etc. Whatever the reason, they lack the confidence to be in front of the camera. Your children will not look back and say, "Geez, you should've lost 10 lbs before we captured this priceless picture of you lovingly planted a kiss on my cheek." Nah, they'll look back and LOVE that picture BECAUSE you cared enough to be in the picture. Because that picture is a priceless treasure and moment that may not be recreated. Because you loved your child and they have proof of it in a picture.

As a photographer, I can feel and pick up on the small gestures and signs of affection passed between family members. It's my honor to capture these moments! Please don't allow your lack of self-confidence stand in the way! Don't wait till you are photogenic, trust the photographer to capture flattering images of you. Don't wait till you've put makeup on to cover up wrinkles or blemishes. Don't wait till you've lost 10 lbs. Let's face it. Time marches on. Don't let those little moments get lost. Be confident that you are enough!! Your children may not always show their love and affection, but that doesn't stop a parent from loving them unconditionally. Leave them with physical proof that you were there with them and for them. They don't want or need a supermodel parent, they need their mommy and daddy that loved them!


{Time is Precious Photography}


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